Our Students

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Hear From a Few Students...

Power Trader LLC prides itself on the ability to provide training that works. One big reason that our students are so successful is because after they graduate we continue to work with them on an as needed basis.
“In my first month, I made profits trading options just in May of $17,864.01 on 7 of 12 trades = 58%.”

Dan A., San Francisco, CA

“After I Got your course, I started to make every buy and sell decision with ‘Your System’. In just one month, I netted $8,251.39 on 18 of 21 trades.”

R. Z., New York, NY

“Wow! I bought a Put on the 23rd of Aug and 2 days later and watched the return on my investment grow to $15,000! My initial investment was only $600. Not bad!!!”

Richard R. Tulsa, OK

“Over the past 20 something years I have never believed there was a trading Holy Grail. I did not think one existed and I definitely didn’t think I’d find it! I just wanted something that would fit me and that I could be successful with. I have always been willing to learn and apply myself to make something work! Well After looking for all these years, I believe I might have just found it!”

Steven I. San Antonio, TX

“I just want to thank you this being thanksgiving weekend in Canada. About a year ago I decided to get your Books and Video’s on how you trade Options. Well I’d like to report to you, even though I still can’t believe it myself, I am currently up 400%! “

Brian A. Canada

“My first attempt at trading options didn’t go so well. What I know now I really had no business trading options before. But after I got your ‘Options Kit’ I see a whole new future for my wife and I. After I received my kit I went through everything and I practiced for about 2 months just learning and getting my confidence up! Once I started I’ve never looked back! My first 2 Option trades I made with real money was on July 13th of 2015 on NFLX and on Google, I bought calls on both, and a week later I exited both and bought a Put on Google. I only had a $3,000 account and by July 31st, 2 weeks later, my account was over $23,000!”

Chad M. Anaheim, CA

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