If your $5K turned into $109K...

Your $10K grew to $218K

Your $20K grew to $246K

$50K swelled into over $1 million... all in just 28 minutes.

Dear Reader,

I’ll admit, this story is a little unique.

Most traders don’t increase their wealth 23-fold in less than 30 minutes.

However, trading options can be a quick way to earn a small fortune - even on a modest trading account - provided you use good risk management.

Maybe you’ve seen the movie The Big Short, it’s about a handful of traders who spotted huge risks in subprime mortgage loans back in 2006.

To harness the collapse they saw coming in banks, real estate, and mortgages - they used put options to take an educated and calculated risk that the entire financial system was going to implode.

As a result, they were rewarded with some of the largest trading fortunes in history.

Michael Burry, who the movie is primarily about, earned $700 million for his investors.

Andrew Lahde turned $10 million into $97 million.

And John Paulson, not mentioned in the movie, turned $3 billion into $15 billion.

That’s what I love about trading options; you can create a life-changing fortune in both good and bad economies.

And it looks like the market is setting up for another epic crash in the very near future and could hand windfall profits to options traders who position themselves for the coming crash.

I believe, when traded properly, options can be the single greatest wealth creating tool that exists today.

However, very few people understand them and others trade them with reckless abandon.

I’m sure you’ve heard at least one horror story of someone who lost everything trading options.

The truth is, options are not risky. People are risky and too often approach options trading like they do gambling.

They bet the farm on a hot tip from a friend who knows nothing about the market. As a result they end up suffering a large loss and trading options gets a bad rap.

It’s unfortunate, and the reason why I’ve dedicated my life to educating individual investors about the truth when it comes to trading both stocks and options.

Trading Options Can Be Safer Than Trading Stocks

You see, without a doubt, options trading can be much safer than trading stocks or mutual funds and more profitable too.

In fact, when you have a systematic method for uncovering winning opportunities and managing risk, options trading can be like winning the lottery.

I’m constantly preaching trading options like a business, not a slot machine. When you have clearly defined rules and objectives that are followed religiously, there isn’t a better way to create long-lasting financial independence.

Just consider that fact that Michael Burry, Andrew Lahde, and John Paulson are all now uber-rich thanks to a well thought out option trade in a crashing market.

Out of all the programs that come across my desk, yours is the only one I follow. I trade primarily stock options, I find I can limit my risk and up my profit potential much easier. Thank you for your help.

Andrew S.

Just ahead I’m going to share with you my system of trading and tell you why it’s different than other systems you may have tried in the past.

I’ll also show you how you can use my system to potentially replicate these same windfall-profit trades.

Now to be fair, not every trade is going to increase your capital 23 times in 28 minutes. In fact, that’s probably never going to happen for either of us.

I dare say even the 840% to 1,000% trades will be rare too, but can and will happen like it did for Richard R. from Tulsa, OK who wrote in to say:

Wow! I bought a put on the 23rd of August and two days later watched the return on my investment grow to $15,000! My initial investment was only $600. Not bad!!!

Average Everyday People Are Using Options To Make A Fortune

I’ve personally taught my system to countless ordinary people just like you. Some have never graduated from college, others hold Ph.Ds.

Some are doctors and lawyers, others are mechanics and nurses. What they all share in common is this incredible money-making secret of options trading which has landed each one of them on the path to complete financial independence.

Like the single dad from Chicago who made $11,500 in profit on his very first option trade and then went on to make $44,000 over the next two months. Now he spends more time raising his son.

Or the retired engineer from Florida who cleared $130,000 his first year trading options working only a few hours each day.

How about the Michigan couple who sold their home, purchased a motorhome and traveled the country trading options and making as much as $11,500 per month.

Then there was the Canadian who averaged $7,605 in net profits each month for his first six months. We caught up with him about a year later and he was making as much as $4,000 - $5,000 per week trading options.

So regardless of your age, gender, background, or education, options trading could hold the key to an abundant and prosperous future for you and your family.

It truly is the last bastion of financial independence, especially for mom and pop investors with severely underfunded retirement accounts.

What’s more, you can do it in only 5 to 10 hours per week so you’ll have plenty of time to enjoy life rather than be glued to your computer all day.

Options Trading 101

If you are new to options trading here are the basics. A call option gives you the right but not the obligation to purchase shares in a specific company at a specific price before a specific date.

Maybe you are familiar with a lease option on a home where you put up a small “premium” for the right, but not the obligation to buy the home at some point in the future.

If the home appreciates you can exercise your option to purchase the home and realize a profit. If the home drops in value you can walk away losing only the “premium” you paid.

The same is true of a stock option, it gives you the right, but not the obligation to buy the stock for a certain amount of time.

Therefore, you only have to put up a fraction of what it would cost you to buy the stock outright, putting much less of your capital at risk.

For example, to buy 100 shares of Microsoft (MSFT) at today’s price would require about $5,740.

But you could purchase the right to buy 100 shares of MSFT at $57 per share for only $229 and that right would be good for the next 3 months.

That means you have 96% less risk over the next 90 days with all the same upside potential.

If MSFT were to move from $57 to $65 and you owned the stock, you would make

$800 or 14% on your money. Not bad for only a few months. But remember you had $5,740 at risk.

Options Shine When It Comes to Risk Management

If instead you purchased an option for $229 and MSFT moved to $65 you would still make the same $800 but you only put up $229, giving you a return of 249% in only 3 months.

As exciting as that can be, options trading really starts to shine when it comes to risk management. Here’s what I mean.

If MSFT dropped from $57 to $49, and you owned the stock, you would lose $800. By owning an option instead, you could never lose more than the $229 premium you paid, no matter how low the stock goes.

And if you are starting with limited funds of say $5,000, you might be able to buy one, maybe two stocks, and hope for a 5% to 15% return in the next few months.

With options you could spread your $5,000 evenly across ten separate trades giving you ample diversification and opportunities to earn multiple gains of 249% and potentially run your $5,000 into $10,000 in a few short months!

Then just keep repeating the process over and over.

But it gets even better. Options are not a one-way bet. You can often make bigger, faster money when the market is crashing.

That’s exactly how Michael Burry, Andrew Lahde, and John Paulson made their fortunes - on assets that dropped in value.

And no, you don’t have to be a high-powered hedge fund manager to earn these kinds of gains when markets are crashing.

Dave K., an average mom and pop investor wrote in to share his success and how he earned a staggering 2110% gain on a losing stock.

I just wanted to take a minute and say thanks to you for taking the time to share your knowledge with us. I used it quite nicely this past week! I studied the chart of MATK using what your course taught I knew it was going down. I bought 10 puts at $1.30 and then 10 more at $0.60 cents and sold them for $21.00 turning a $1,900 investment into $42,000! I think my investment has more than paid for itself. Thanks again and happy trading!

If all of this sounds a bit confusing, don’t worry it is actually very simple and in my new course Power Trading Options I teach you all the basics of how to trade options so you can make money whether the market is going up, down, or sideways – even if you have never traded before.

In Power Trading Options I show you step-by-step:

  1. How to set up a brokerage account.
  2. The best free charting softwares on the internet.
  3. Which options give you added safety.
  4. How to place a trade online.

And so much more.

$3,000 Is More Than Enough To Get Started!

Once you learn the ropes of successful options trading, you’ll have the potential to earn more money in a single year than most hard-working people make in their entire lifetime.

I understand if you are starting on a limited budget. Don’t worry. I’ll show you how it’s possible to start with only $3K to $5K and parlay it into $10k to $15k and then $20k to $50k and eventually maybe into a six and even seven figure nest-egg.

I understand if you are starting on a limited budget. Don’t worry. I’ll show you how it’s possible to start with only $3K to $5K and parlay it into $10k to $15k and then $20k to $50k and eventually maybe into a six and even seven figure nest-egg.

It’s repeatedly been done by others and it’s more than possible for you too. Like it was for Chad M. from Anaheim, CA who wrote in to say:

My first attempt at trading options didn’t go so well. I know now I had no business trading options before. But after I got your [system] I see a whole new future for my wife and I. After I received my kit I went through everything and practiced for about 2 months just learning and getting my confidence up. Once I started I’ve never looked back. My first two option trades I made with real money were on July 13th 2015 on Netflix and Google, I bought calls on both, and a week later I exited both and bought a put on Google. I only had a $3,000 account and by July 31st, yes two week later, my account was over $23,000!

Why take on excessive risk investing in stocks when you don’t have to? Especially when you can use the power and leverage of options trading to potentially earn a small fortune.

Like the trader I mentioned earlier who turned a $110,000 investment into $2.4 million in only 28 minutes.

Here’s how Fortune Magazine reported the story:

Like I said earlier, no matter how giddy this story might make you, you should never go in swinging for the fences hoping to earn 23 times your money on a single trade.

If it happens, say three hail marys to the trading gods and do a good turn with some of your profits. But the reality is, it’s very unlikely.

However, you can still create an absolute fortune by stringing together a bunch of singles and doubles.

Here’s what I mean.

Suppose you are starting with only $5,000 and every 60 days you put an equal amount ($500 to start) into 10 separate option trades.

Let’s also assume that half the trades are winners earning an average of 150% and the other half you lose your entire investment (not likely using my system).

At the end of 6.5 years your $5,000 would have grown into $1,164,625.

Here’s how it breaks down:

Imagine taking a small $5,000 account, which you can afford to be more speculative with, and turning it into over $1 Million in less than seven years. How would your life be different?

Maybe you would live in a different home and drive different cars. Or you might take more exotic vacations and donate more to church and charity.

Regardless of how you choose to spend the money, having a seven figure nest egg is life changing.

And that’s when compounding really gets fun. By the end of 8 years, assuming the same growth rate, your initial $5,000 account would now be worth a whopping $4,097,004.

But my guess is, once you hit the seven figure mark you might take a little more time to enjoy the fruits of your labor - I know I did. I’ll tell you more about that just ahead.

If This Is So Lucrative Why Isn’t Everyone Rich From Trading Options?

I understand your skepticism. I believe the reason most people aren’t rich from trading options is the same reason they aren’t rich from trading stocks - emotions!

In just a moment I’m going to share with you why my system helps you not only master your own emotions, but how you can use the emotions of other traders to your advantage.

But first let me make one thing clear. Professional traders and Wall Street insiders have been using options to earn fortunes for decades.

That’s because they follow a systematic approach to trading options and only risk capital when the odds are stacked heavily in their favor and it makes sense to take a calculated speculation.

When it doesn’t they sit tight and do nothing because over trading is a sure fire way to lose money.

You see in order to be successful as an option buyer you need the underlying stock on which you are buying options, to make a fairly significant move (5% to 20%) in a reasonably short period of time (7 to 60 days).

You can’t just randomly buy an option and hope the stock moves in the direction you need it to. Contrary to popular belief markets are not random and your trading plan shouldn’t be either.

Chart Patterns Worth $1K To $10K

Within the chaos of the markets certain identifiable patterns exist and repeat over and over and are predictable - if you know what to look for.

These patterns have an uncanny ability to pinpoint with razor sharp precision when there is a very high probability of a stock jumping or crashing 10% to 30% in a matter of weeks... which is impressive all by itself.

But remember, options give you a tremendous amount of leverage. A 10% move in a stock could easily pocket you a 100% to 200% gain buying an option.

A 30% move could land you a 400% to 2300% gain like the trader I mentioned above who turned $110,000 into $2.4 million in only 28 minutes.

Now keep in mind, that stock jumped 28% in a matter of minutes because of a takeover rumor. Had the stock taken longer to move 28%, the return would not have been nearly as impressive.

Don’t get me wrong, the trade could have easily earned 300% to 500%, which is impressive by all accounts, I just want you to keep things in their proper perspective.

In Power Trading Options I teach you 5 easy-to-master price patterns that repeat over and over in every stock and every market.

Once you learn to recognize these patterns they literally jump right off the chart. They say a picture is worth a thousand words but when it comes to these specific patterns, a picture is worth a $1,000 - sometimes $10,000 or more.

No Tedious Or Complicated Analysis

With my Power Trading Options system there’s no reading cash-flow or income statements or staring at balance sheets for hours on end.

You don’t need to understand book values, accruals, share buybacks or any other complicated and tedious fundamental analysis. None of that matters as an options trader.

Quite frankly, that stuff only matters to long-term investors and we don’t care what happens to a stock over the next 3 to 5 years. All we care about is the next 3 to 5 weeks.

The absolute best way to determine short-term stock direction is with these little-known price patterns that I’ll not only share with you, but will teach you how to effectively use to potentially earn a small fortune.

As one trader commented: “It’s like having a crystal ball.”

When you send for your risk-free copy of Power Trading Options I disclose everything - all of my most coveted trading secrets that I’ve learned over the last 20 years as a trader.

I have more than 20,000 individual trades under my belt and I can tell you these patterns are now the “bread and butter” of my trading system.

Any trader using these patterns has an almost unfair advantage over traders who don’t. It’s the next best thing to having a copy of tomorrow’s Wall Street Journal - today!

Check out these examples to see the life-changing returns I’m talking about. With my system you’ll have the opportunity to realize profits just like these week after week.

How I Turned $34K Into $1.2 Million In Only 3 Years

My name is Michael Bradley and I started trading in the mid 90’s, although I must admit, I’m probably the last guy anyone ever thought would make a fortune trading in the stock market.

I grew up in a little blue collar home and thought the only way to make money was through blood, sweat, and tears. If I wasn’t using my hands and breaking my back it wasn’t real work.

So I started my own auto body shop. I made a decent living but could never seem to get ahead. Not to mention, when you do that kind of work long enough it just wears you out.

That’s when I had a chance encounter with an air traffic controller that would forever change my life. He was trading options on the OEX and I kept hearing how he had just made another $5,000, then $7,000, then $10,000 and on and on.

These paydays he was earning as an options trader just kept coming and getting bigger and bigger. Finally, I asked him if he would mentor me and teach me what he was doing.

To my surprise he agreed. I scrounged together just about every dime I had, which amounted to about $34,000, and shut down my auto body shop the next day.

I knew nothing about stocks, options, the OEX or anything related to trading or investing. I was just eager to learn.

I knew it would take time and that the money wouldn’t start rolling in right away. So I went to work as a broker those first few months to help put food on the table.

The funny thing is, I started making enough money as a trader before I even passed my broker exams, so I just walked away and started trading full time.

That was May of 1998. By September of 2001, right around 9/11, I had turned my initial $34,000 into over $1.2 million.

Now I will admit, those three years had a lot of volatility, which can be very good for traders who know what they are doing, and very bad for those who don’t.

There was the Russian Ruble devaluation in August of 98 that crashed markets by -22% in only 3 months.

Then the dotcom bust hit and markets crashed -50% (Nasdaq -80%).

And finally September 11, 2001 saw markets plunge -11.4% practically overnight... and trading was shut down for a week.

I just want to thank you this being thanksgiving weekend in Canada. About a year ago I decided to get your books and videos on how you trade options. Well I’d like to report to you, even though I still can’t believe myself, I am currently up 400%.

Brian A.

To say I cut my teeth in one of the most difficult market environments ever would be an understatement.

But those market conditions helped me cement my trading method and proved without a doubt that it doesn’t matter whether the market is going up, down or both, as a trader you have the opportunity to make a great deal of money.

Please understand I’m not trying to brag. That’s not my style. I’m a very conservative and reserved guy.

I just want you to know that I believe what happened for me can happen for you too - if you get the right education and training like I did.

Why I Came Out Of Retirement

After trading stocks and running a relatively small trading account into a seven figure fortune in a three year window, I took several years off to spend time with my wife and kids and haven’t regretted it for one minute.

I consider myself very fortunate to not only have made seven figures as a trader, but to have actually kept it too.

You see, I didn’t subsequently lose my fortune during the subprime panic like so many other traders and investors.

But you know what I enjoy even more than trading? Teaching others how to become successful traders too. So I came out of retirement to give back and help others.

Now I know that sounds like some kind of altruistic B.S., but it’s the truth.

Here’s what a few others have said about the system of trading I’m going to share with you and why I get so much satisfaction out of helping others:

In my first month I made profits trading options. Just in May of $17,864 on 7 of 12 trades = 58%.

- Dan A.

After I got your course I started to make every buy and sell decision with [your system]. In just one month I netted $8,251 on 18 of 21 trades.

- R.Z.

Your system of trading options has blown me away! Now I’m making the kind of smart and profitable trades I always dreamed of making. I only wish I had this when I began to trade options years ago.

- D.A.

Over the past 20 something years I never believed there was a trading Holy Grail. I did not think one existed and I definitely didn’t think I‘d find it. I just wanted something that would fit me and that I could be successful with. I have always been willing to learn and apply myself to make something work. Well after looking for all these years, I believe I might have found it!

- Steven I.

Power Trading Options

Here’s everything you get and the 21 Investing Principles You Are Guaranteed To Learn in Your Risk-Free Copy of Power Trading Options:

  1. How to take the proper amount of risk.
  2. The best way to identify the trend.
  3. How to properly place support and resistance levels.
  4. The best place to buy.
  5. The best place to sell.
  6. The most important price patterns for options traders.
  7. Why Fibonacci analysis is critical to your success.
  8. How to use Fibonacci retracements to set up your trades.
  9. Key indicators to identify potential reversals in the market.
  10. How to trade the ABC pattern.
  11. The minimum reward to risk ratio you need to be successful.
  12. The single most important aspect of successful traders.
  13. Where to place your stop loss.
  14. Where to place your target.
  15. When to adjust your exit points.
  16. Trading with the dominant market trend.
  17. When to ignore the news and when to trade it.
  18. The 3 key technical indicators.
  19. Basic options terminology.
  20. Step-by-step how to place an option trade.
  21. How to consistently make money with options.

Video 1: Introduction To Investing

In the Introduction To Investing video I walk you step-by-step through the basics of options trading. It’s perfect for new options traders and will give you the confidence you need to enter the high profit world of options trading. If you’re already an experienced options trader, it might shock you what you’ll learn in this video to correct common and costly mistakes.

Video 2: Investing In Psychology

Without a doubt the #1 key to consistently earn profits as an options trader is managing your emotions. Once you enter a trade, using the methods I teach, you must allow the market the room it needs potentially earn you a very large profit. To do this successfully you must be a master of your own emotions. This video teaches you how.

Video 3: Investing Risk Management

If you manage risk the profits take care of themselves. Nothing will limit your success more than putting too much money into a trade that ends up being a loser. In this video I teach you exactly how much to put into each trade to manage risk in such a way that you aren’t worried about the day to day market fluctuations allowing your profits to compound week after week.

Video 4: ABC’s Of Charting

Trading options is not like stocks. As a short term trader psychology has more to do with the day to day fluctuations than earnings and revenues. Over my nearly 20 years as a successful trader I’ve uncovered several chart patterns that repeat over and over based on the whims and emotions of other traders and investors. In this video I teach you my favorite patterns, which are the single best way to potentially earn double and triple digit profits as a short-term options trader. Without these patterns you’re flying blind. Don’t make another trade without them.

Video 5: Technical Indicators

Most technical indicators are a complete waste of time. However, in addition to my favorite chart patterns, there are a handful of technical indicators which have proven to be excellent indicators of trend strength, trend continuation, and trend reversals. These specific indicators will help you know how long to stay in the trade to potentially earn 200%, 300%, and maybe even 500%.

Video 6: Know When To Enter

It’s true that a strong trend can help compensate for a poor entry, but a perfectly timed entry can mean the difference between potentially earning a 50% return on your money or a 200% return and possibly more. It doesn’t take too many trades compounding at triple digits rather than double digits to make a huge difference in the overall growth of your trading account. This video walks you through exactly what I’m looking for in a perfect trade entry.

Video 7: Know When To Exit

Do you sell after your option price has doubled? That depends. Knowing when to continue to hold based on trend strength and time until expiration and when to sell and book a quick 50% to 100% profit depends on several different factors. In this video I walk you through exactly what I’m thinking when exiting a trade and why. You’ll never again have to wonder whether you should hold or sell. You’ll know exactly what to do in every situation.

Video 8: Trade With Options

In this final video I delve deeper into the lucrative world of options trading and really help you understand the mindset all successful options traders must have. And why trading options can significantly reduce your risk compared to trading stocks and even mutual funds. And why buying put options is the single best bear market strategy with the potential to earn 500% to 1,000% with minimal risk.

I’m sure you are wondering how much my Power Trading Options course costs? The regular one-time purchase price for this comprehensive course, including the Power Trading Options manual and 8 accompanying DVDs, is regularly $199.

And given the fact that other options traders and users of this system have turned as little as $1,900 into $42,000 and $3,000 into $23,000 in only a few short weeks, even at the regular rate of $199 Power Trading Options is an absolute bargain.

However, as part of this special limited offer you won’t pay the regular rate of $199. You won’t even pay $99.

But before I reveal how little you will pay for this one-of-a-kind options trading course, and tell you about my 100% Satisfaction DOUBLE Guarantee, let me tell you about 2 free gifts I want to give you just for taking Power Trading Options for a risk-free trial.

Free bonus gift #1. Basic Trade Strategy Set-ups. In this bonus report and DVD I combine my “bread and butter” chart patterns with my favorite technical indicators to create a detailed checklist and profile of the three highest probability trade set-ups I’ve developed over the last 18 years. These are my go-to profit generators week after week regardless of up, down, or sideways market conditions. If all you ever did was follow exactly what I teach in this bonus report and DVD your success rate as an option trader skyrocket.

Free bonus gift #2. Advanced Technical Analysis. In this exclusive bonus report and DVD I hold nothing back. I reveal all of my most coveted advanced trading tools, indicators, and techniques. This is not a diet of milk and honey. This is the real “meat” of what I do. And while I believe most traders, especially those new to trading options, should first focus on the basics, at some point you want and need to take your trading to the next level. This bonus report and DVD is the perfect tool to help you do just that.

Both of these bonus gifts are yours absolutely FREE just for giving Power Trading Options a risk-free try. I’m so confident I can help you successfully trade options to quickly build a more comfortable retirement while minimizing your risk, that I’m offering you my personal 100% Satisfaction 90-Day Guarantee. That way you can try Power Trading Options without worry or regret.

It’s simple:

Enjoy your first 3 months of building wealth as the newest successful options trader. If you don’t agree that Power Trading Options is the most comprehensive and profitable options trading system, I’ll give you back every penny. No questions, no hassles. All FREE Gifts are yours to keep as my thanks for trying Power Trading Options.

So go ahead. Try Power Trading Options today without risk or regret… and start building that large retirement account you’ve always dreamt about - and deserve.

The regular price for Power Trading Options, course including the manual and 8 accompanying DVD’s is $199. When you include your two free bonus reports and DVD’s valued at $98, this entire wealth building system has a combined value of $297.

For a limited time, get a Free 30 minute Strategy Session with an options specialist.

But, also like I mentioned earlier, as part of a special marketing test I’m offering you everything for a small one-time payment of only $39. But I’m only allowing 200 entrants at that price today.

Now you may be asking why would I do something as crazy as offering you a complete options trading wealth building system with a value of $297 for only $39?

I’m a believer in offering more for less. And I’m interested in building long-term relationships.

I want to create success stories who start with $3K to $5K and turn it into $20K, $30K - and then eventually maybe even parlay it into $100K to $500K and maybe even more.

I know when I turned $34K into over $1.2 million in only 3 years it completely changed my life - I want that for you too. The best way for me to help you achieve that is with an offer you simply can’t pass up.

When you consider the fact that you are getting a complete wealth building system valued at $297, which can put you on the fast track to trading success, all for a onetime payment of only $39 - and everything is backed by my personal 90-Day 100% Satisfaction Guarantee, you can’t lose.


Michael Bradley
Creator of Power Trading Options