8 Power Trading Spreads Videos

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Video 1: Understanding The Keys To Options

In the Introduction To Investing video, I walk you step-by-step through the basics of options trading. Its perfect for new options traders and will give you the confidence you need to enter the high profit world of options trading. If youre already an experienced options trader, it might shock you what youll learn in this video to correct common and costly mistakes.

Video 2: Risk Management: Options Trading

Without a doubt the #1 key to consistently earn profits as an options trader is managing your emotions. Once you enter a trade, using the methods I teach, you must allow the market the room it needs to potentially earn you a very large profit. To do this successfully, you must be a master of your own emotions. This video teaches you how.



Video 3: Trend Trading Options: Calls

If you manage risk the profits take care of themselves. Nothing will limit your success more than putting too much money into a trade that ends up being a loser. In this video I teach you exactly how much to put into each trade to manage risk in such a way that you aren’t worried about the day to day market fluctuations allowing your profits to compound week after week.

Video 4: Trend Trading Options: Puts

Trading options is not like stocks. As a short term trader, psychology has more to do with the day to day fluctuations than earnings and revenues. Over my nearly 20 years as a successful trader I’ve uncovered several chart patterns that repeat over
and over that are based on the whims and emotions of other traders and investors. In this video I teach you my favorite patterns which are the single best way to potentially earn double and triple digit profits as a short-term options trader. Without these patterns you’re flying blind. Don’t make another trade without them.



Video 5: Bull Put Credit Spreads

Most technical indicators are a complete waste of time. However, in addition to my favorite chart patterns, there are a handful of technical indicators which have proven to be excellent indicators of trend strength, trend continuation, and trend reversals. These specific indicators will help you know how long to stay in the trade to potentially earn 200%, 300%, and maybe even 500%.

Video 6: Bear Call Credit Spreads

It’s true that a strong trend can help compensate for a poor entry, but a perfectly timed entry can mean the difference between potentially earning a 50% return on your money or a 200% return and possibly more. It doesn’t take too many trades compounding at triple digits rather than double digits to make a huge difference in the overall growth of your trading account. This video walks you through exactly what I’m looking for in a perfect trade entry.



Video 7: Bull Call Debit Spreads

Do you sell after your option price has doubled? That depends. Knowing when to continue to hold based on trend strength and time until expiration, and when to sell and book a quick 50% to 100% profit depends on several different factors. In this video I walk you through exactly what I’m thinking when exiting a trade and why. You’ll never again have to wonder whether you should hold or sell. You’ll know exactly what to do in every situation.

Video 8: Bear Put Debit Spreads

In this final video I delve deeper into the lucrative world of options trading and really help you understand the mindset all successful options traders must have. Trading options can significantly reduce your risk compared to trading stocks and even mutual funds. And why buying put options is the single best bear market strategy with the potential to earn 500% to 1,000% with minimal risk.

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