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About You’re Free 30 min Strategy Session!

Congratulations on taking the first step to becoming a true Options Power Trader.  As a Trader, Michael understands the frustrations that many traders have felt on the path to become  successful. Oftentimes new traders expect greatness right off the bat.  However, that usually isn’t the best game plan. That’s why, anytime Michael begins with a new student the first thing he always does, is, try and help the individual know and understand their strengths and weaknesses.

This is the reason Michael Bradley offers a FREE 30 min Strategy Session with one of his Option Trading Specialists to every trader that chooses to take advantage of it.

During your FREE 30 min Session, the specialist assigned to you will help you identify what your trading strengths and weaknesses are. Secondly, your Specialist will take the time to share Michael’s 3 Step Process, which he argues, every Option Trader MUST perfect in order to reach the level of success they are looking for.  Michael is a firm believer that before an Option Trader can learn and understand these 3 Key Area’s that make or break any Option Trader. They must first both understand, and admit the areas they struggle with, otherwise they are just gambling with their money.

Within the first week or two, the Michael’s Bradley’s Option Trading Specialist assigned to you will call to set up your Free 30 Min Strategy Session!

Or, to call and set up your Free 30 min Strategy Session, call this toll free number (855) 410-4071


Here is some food for thought!

We see this time and time again. Someone wants to start trading Options because they want to double their money quickly and easily!  But, the biggest problem new Option Traders face, is that they haven’t even been successful at Trading Stock! You see, we trade Options because of the leverage it gives us. Even more importantly, we can help many more traders build their retirement or nest egg by guiding them  trade Options. But what we find, is, there are way too many people that want the ultimate Successes that can come trading options without truly even understanding the foundation it takes, to see the results that most Option Traders are looking for! So many want to put the cart before the horse!

Let me give you a few examples; If someone is trading stocks, and let’s say they are barely breaking even or even losing 10% a year. And they think that they are going to double their money every year trading Options. Well that is just wishful thinking, because they don’t even have the proper foundation to build from! But let’s say, that, as a stock trader you can average 10% to 20% a year, well, then you would have a much better chance of doubling your trading account with the leverage that using Options gives! Because in order to double your money in a trade using options the stock may only have to move 8% to 10%!

Michael knows and understands the importance of having a Proven System to follow when trading either Stocks or Options! Because that is what he has perfected over the past 20 plus years! He has always told his students that once you have a Proven System to follow that works and is duplicatable, then the natural next step is to want to use options to leverage your money and Double and even Triple your returns!

Call for your Free 30 min Strategy Session with Michael’s Option Trading Specialists (855) 410-4071

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